The monitoring of solar panels is an important function of the CEMM. This makes it easy to gain insight into the produced solar energy, and possibly to adjust consumption accordingly. However, measuring the actually produced energy is not sufficient in some situations. For the same money, there is much more to be gained from the solar panel system.
Cedel has developed the Sun Irradiation Sensor for this type of situation as an extension of the CEMM plus. The sensor must be placed on the same plane as the PV system and measures the real time solar radiation at the location of the user. Because the sensor is accurately calibrated, it can calculate what the energy production of the PV system should be. Thanks to the built-in temperature sensor, the data can even be corrected based on the temperature. The efficiency of solar panels goes down as soon as the temperature rises.
By combining all the data from the sun production, the irradiation and the temperature, the CEMM provides accurate insight into the so-called ‘Performance Ratio’ of the PV system.
In addition to ‘checking’ existing PV systems, the Cedel Sun irradiation sensor can also be used to check how much energy can be produced at a location before solar panels are installed.
Because of all these properties, the Cedel Sun Irradiation Sensor is a powerful measuring instrument for both the business and the private user.

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