On 5 December 2017 version 1.0.0 of the CEMM app was officially released. Curious about all the details? Read on soon!

The purpose of the CEMM app is to bring the most important functions of the desktop environment to smartphones. In addition, the app must be user-friendly and look modern. We also wanted to make it possible to install a new CEMM with the help of the app.
We have worked hard to meet these conditions. These are the main functions:
Easily install and manage one or more CEMMs.
Connect locally to a CEMM, or externally via a MyCEMM account.
When viewing a CEMM you will first see a clear dashboard with all connected meters.
Swipe from the dashboard to the right to view each connected meter separately.
Swipe down from a meter to view daily and monthly overviews.
Zoom in on your charts for more details.
Easily switch between Euro and kWh to get a grip on energy costs.
We are looking forward to your opinion!
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The app is available immediately in Google Play and the App Store.